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Thursday, August 30, 2007

popScorn | I suffer so you don't have to

I'm always up for a bad-movie night, as my Netflix friends who shake their heads at my overstuffed-with-surefire-crud queue can attest. I've willingly endured some incredibly painful, er, "movies" — Killer Drag Queens on Dope, Rock & Roll Frankenstein, Entrails of a Virgin, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls, and Tales from the Crapper immediately come to mind — thanks to Netflix's intoxicating selection of dreck, and yet I sometimes can't help myself. Today, for example, I read Netflix user Flashbulb's review of a 1989 Japanese horror flick called Tetsuo: The Iron Man:

Boy is turning into a central air conditioning unit. Girl is turning into a Toyota transaxle. Boy meeets girl. Girl grows 8 foot long phallus made of 1 inch corrogated steel conduit. Boy feels masculinity is threatened and grows 3 foot diamond tip rotorooter out of his groin. It is shorter but much thicker, and girth is what counts. Every filmaker in Japan is influenced for the next 2 generations. AMEN.

Wow. Obviously, I couldn't add it to the queue quickly enough.


Blogger GillianIvy said...

Saw you on Netflix. Very interesting reviews. You ought to add an RSS feed. So, what is the all time worst movie you ever saw/loved?

4:11 AM  

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